We offer an extensive range of signage and branding products and services. Our talented team will ensure that you always get what you pay for and that your expectations are exceeded! Even if you do not see the service or product listed below, contact us and we will see what we can do.


  • Basic layout art
  • Art design
  • Logos
  • Branding vectorisation for cut files
  • Print-ready preparation
  • Visual art
  • Scaled art
  • Photo superimposed art
  • Council plans art
  • And more!

We are flexible and can offer extremely affordable design prices, or can add this service as a complimentary add-on with any of our other products.

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Manufacture and Supply

We manufacture and supply a variety of products:

Signs (stiff)

  • Flat signs
  • 3D-molded signs
  • Perspex signs
  • Aluminum and anodised aluminum signs
  • Bronze finish signs
  • Plastic and correx signs
  • Stainless steel signs
  • Toilet door signs
  • With or without lighting!

Signs (flex)

  • PVC flex face signs
  • Opaque PVC for lightboxes
  • Blocked out billboards and pull-up displays
  • With or without lighting!

Signs (2D)

  • Popular on the front of residential apartment blocks, and small business parks.
  • Individually cut-out letters (cut by hand or on computer)
  • With or without lighting!

Tig Welding

When cut-out letters are manufactured from aluminum, we offer the service of having the letters raised from the wall using a process called tig welding. Aluminum and steel don’t like each other, therefore they repel. The process of tig welding ensures the letters have a lesser chance of falling off the wall.

Signs (3D)

These signs are usually found on the outside of retail groups, restaurants, shopping malls, corporate offices and corporate receptions.
With or without lighting!

Illuminated Signs

We offer everything fluorescent related.

Flags and Poles

We supply bunting for estate agents, as well as flags for consuls and buildings. We can also supply various poles, and fit it if requested.

Themed Wallpaper

We offer personalised wallpaper murals printed to clients’ preferred theme and then fitted to the desired walls. We do everything from doctors’ waiting rooms, retail shops, paypoint walls, corporate customer receptions and children’s themed play rooms. We use a special technology to give the print a better stability rate, and we use quality, print-ready wallpapers. We can fit it or you can DIY!

Themed Block Mounts

We manufacture printed canvases using a special solvent-based print process for better stability rates before we tension them onto block mounts. Canvases can be printed in full colour, black and white, or sepia.

Kontravision-Type Window Films

We can supply and fit Kontravision-type products to shop windows, or to vehicles windows, either supplied with full colour graphics, or plain. There are 2 main reasons for choosing this branding: It allows you to see out from the inside and it offers security – some people will have it fitted to their office windows (pharmaceutical companies) or vehicles when they are transporting valuable goods and they don’t want people to be able to see inside the vehicle. Remember Kontravision is a brand, and most films used are generic versions of the same.

Large, Personalised Whiteboards

We design, manufacture and fit large, personalised whiteboards with companies’ logos or slogans to walls or poles.

Pull-Up Promotional Banners

We print pull-up banners, using a solvent-based print machine, onto PVC. These banners are supplied with a bag for easy transport. Units are usually around 2 metres tall by approximately 850 mm wide. Units can be rebranded in the future.

Tear-Drop Displays

We manufacture printed flags with light aluminum foldable poles that fit into a bag for easy transport. Ideal for promotional activity and sports days.

Vehicle Signage

We offer signage for:

  • Boats
  • Yachts
  • Cars
  • Rescue vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Trucks
  • Fire engines

Vehicle Magnets

We offer vehicle magnets for estate agents, tour companies and any other businesses in need of vehicle branding.


We offer marketing billboards on gum poles, more formal ones on steel poles and ones using steel pocket and bar systems.

Sandblast Films

Our corporate grade sandblast film is highly popular with corporations, hospitals, and homeowners!

  • Classic fitments
  • Complex branded options
  • Reverse options
  • Property enhancement options
  • Boardroom options
  • And more!


  • Generic aluminum boxes
  • Slimline fabricated perspex boxes

We offer lightboxes in flex face and/or in perspex.

Promotional Banners

  • Promotional PVC banners
  • Printed graphics banners
  • Vinyl cut graphics banners

Stitched or heat-seamed on edges, with or without eyelets!

Self-Standing Permanent Flag-Type Signs

We manufacture permanent self-standing flags with either PVC or with chromadek steel surfacing. They can be fitted outside stores or angle-mounted on the sides of buildings.

Safety Signs and Illuminated SABS Signs

We offer a variety of customised safety and SABS signs.

Printed T-Shirts and Overalls

Logo or text printed on clothing
Solid colour only!

Car Park Signage

  • Hanging chevrons
  • Self-standing informatory and directional signage
  • And more!

Large Signwriting

Clients might need us to add a sign on the roof of a building or onto a wall where no other method will work. We will always explore all other avenues before recommending this method. This can be done via rope access.

Engraving and Routing

  • Brass plaques
  • Aluminum plaques
  • Doctors’ plaques
  • Control panels for instruments
  • Elevator plaques
  • And more!


In the instance where a product needs to be fitted, managed or maintained, we have skilled contractors who can do the work. This can include window application services to senior rigging crews who work on high buildings.


We manage and maintain signs at shopping malls, hospitals, and business and industrial parks. We manage anything from a simple tenant name change to maintenance on large LED signs. We also supply whiteboards and fit individualised headings and lines on it via rope access. Many of these maintenance jobs are ongoing.


We refurbish older products or we simply rebrand it to look like new products.

Council Plan Submissions

We help clients gain council compliance through an application process. This includes assistance with application forms, facilitating the technical and/or visual drawings and paying the scrutiny fees to the council.

NB: This includes offering the service to persons whose products are currently fitted, but not compliant!

NB: You do not have to have purchased the product from us, although it is an advantage.
Trendmark facilitates the process, but it is still up to the client to take responsibility for its legality.

Connection to Mains

We provide clients with an electrician to connect their electrical signs to power, to extend the power supply, and to supply and fit a day-night switch, or timer. It is still up to the client to take responsibility for any legal certifications they might require.

Neon and LED Signs

We are SPECIALISTS when it comes to neon and outdoor LED signs, more so than most competitors!

We’ll exceed your expectations EVERY TIME, no matter how big or small the job!

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